A Complete Guide To Nootropics

Nootropics, or more commonly known as the brain supplements or smart drugs or cognitive enhancer, which is gaining immense popularity these days in all over the world. But before exploring more about them let’s first understand what nootropics are and how useful these are for its users.

The term Nootropic was first coined by a Romanian chemist and psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea in the year 1972. The origin traces back to Greek, which translates the terms as mind and bends or turn. Thus, combined it means to bend or turn the mind of the individual short-term it.

These are drugs or supplements that enhance the cognitive function of a healthy individual. These improvements are in terms of better creativity, focus, alertness, memory, and motivation. In fact, the net global sales of the same exceed US$1 billion until a couple of years back and needless to say, the statistics are in increasing terms itself as the global demand for the same is growing rapidly.

Only a few drugs are available in the market boosted with Nootropics, especially the ones which enhance the cognitive and motor functions safely and effectively.  Though, there are lots of the new drugs are being tested all across the globe to join the force.

These are prescribed for several medical conditions as well. These include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and Huntington’s disease and so on. These aim to enhance the motor and cognitive skills of the patients. However, its effectiveness varies greatly from person to person.

The use of Nootropics has also been found among the students in order to enhance their productivity, particularly the academic related ones. In fact, about 4.5 % of the college grade German students use these supplements’. However, its long-term adverse consequences have been suggested by several neuroscientists.

However, its viability and use by you or any individual, other than the ones who are medically subscribed for so, is a topic for huge debates among the physicians, psychiatrists and also neuroscientists. The enhancement of the cognitive functions by these drugs is also questioned in the aspect of ethics as well. Since these drugs are comparatively new to use, the long term effects data is currently not available for most of them. Thus, the people who support and protest against its usage, both lack the genuine data to support their belief.

Now the big question arises, do these actually work? If yes then how exactly. Is it like a magic position that will instantly make even the weak students and employees be smart and secure position in exams and office project or it only for individuals with the potential to unlock the hindrances and achieve better results? Let’s understand in details.

The Nootropic drugs have been manufactured to boost the cognitive and brain function. It provides self-confidence by producing and boosting the neurotransmitter signals of the brain. The brain is an organ with billions of neurons transmitting signals with the help of network structure connected by synapses. The neurotransmitter is a chemical that is responsible and makes the neurons work together to make the connection. Your brain consumes a significant amount of energy are considered perform several functions such as alertness, sustain consciousness, learning new things, and performing mental exercises and activities. In fact, it’s the brain which is comprised of merely 2% of your body weight consumes about 20% of total energy.  

When the flow of neurotransmitters is good, it is able to send the signals more efficiently, and it enhances the functions of better memory, improvised concentration, mood elevation, increased productivity, particularly in the aspect of mental work and also ensures longer attention spans. Usually, the flow of these neurotransmitter gets slows down after a while under normal circumstances, and this duration varies significantly depending from person to person.

However, specialized drugs such as caffeine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Creatine, Vinpocetine and Goenka Biloba etc. can control this up to a great extent. These drugs which are specialized in doing so, are known as the nootropics. Thus, these are the pharmaceutical supplements that can control and improvise the synaptic plasticity of the neurons. This leads to long lasting beneficial effects on brain function and overall health.

There are certainly other similar products that can achieve the same through the principal of vasodilation. It means to increase the overall blood flow to your brain and thereby supplying brain cells with more oxygen, glucose, and nutrients, which happen to be the primary energy sources utilized by the brain to ensure prolong periods of focus. As a result, you feel an instantaneous higher capacity for concentration, memory and other brain functions.

These also demonstrate the properties of neuropreservation and neuroprotection. These directly control the slowing down of the aging process. Also, some similar drug can, in fact, promote the nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, both enhance the neuron growth in the brain. Thus, overall it manages and also compensates the rate of damage with new neuron growth. Over time, it potentially counteracts the memory lose and aging and is highly helpful for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

These are several drugs with these that are available in the market and not everyone of them is worth the money or even worth taking the risk of its possible side effects. Thus, it is important to invest in the right place and choose the right one.

A Nootropic drug is ranked based on several factors, namely, on the overall potential, synergy among ingredients, quality of ingredients, sufficient dosage of ingredients, consumer reviews, clinical evidence of effectiveness and personal experience testing the drugs.

Thus, here are some of the Nootropics drugs that happen to have the best effectiveness.


It is probably the best drug in the market as of now. It enhances your overall brain and cognitive functions. In fact, it is supported by enormous clinical evidence. This drug consists of some of the best quality ingredients like huperzine A, Oat Straw, Alpha GPC, Bacopa and Cat’s Claw. The best feature of the same is the fact that each of the ingredients is tested to be effected individually as well. 


It is yet another excellent drug in the market. Its ingredients include Alpha GPC, Hordenine, Phosphatidylserine, L-tyrosine, and Ginkgo Biloba. When compared in terms of high-quality formula, overall potency and positive review by users, it rightfully scores its position as one of the best drug.

Mind Lab Pro

This particular drug is the safest drug in the market as it has a genuine and gradual impact on brain rather than simply snapping the individual into a sudden transformation. It contains 11 excellent ingredients that are individually clinically tested and has a huge credibility. It is highly preferred and recommended by the users.


As the name suggests, it can help to improvise the cognitive and intellectual abilities. However, it is not going to raise the IQ It increases the overall productivity and memory. The ingredients used in this drug include Huperzine A, Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine and several others. It has a good reputation in the market, and you can go for it.

Addy Focus

It is a substitution drug for the repute prescription drug, Adderall. If given a choice, people would stick to Adderall itself, if it did not require a prescription for it. Despite a few side effects it is exceptionally good for your concentration and focuses as useful for upcoming examination and deadline projects. It has ingredients as Bacopa, Coffee Powder, Ginkgo Biloba, and Piracetam.


Perhaps it is the most well known Nootropic drug in the market. It has gained its reputation due to its immense use and positive user reviews. It has main ingredients like DMAE, Huperzine A, Choline, Vinpocetine and so on. It is the positive effect for the given time period.

Alpha Brain

As the title itself illustrates, this Nootropic drug is a result of well researched and tests.  It is supported by clinical evidence and user reviews. It has ingredients as Oat straw extract, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC, Huperzia Serrata and Vinpocetine. It has a clinically effective formula that improvises focus, alertness, cognitive functions and memory. But since it often employs several blends, it becomes tricky to determine individual dosage.

Brain Pill

It is yet another supplement that has been manufactured with powerful individual ingredients. It improvises the overall focus, reflex, memory and brain function by improving the communication and coordination between the neurons. Its high efficiency is also due to its diversified formula. The ingredients of the drug include Huperzia Serrata, Synpasa, Vinpocetine, Cognizin, and Phosphatidylserine. Each of these ingredients, work individually as well, so as to deliver its enhanced effects. It has high quality, potency, diversity and clinical proof. 


It is yet another substitutable drug, just like Addy Focus, for the trademark drug, Adderall. It mimics the effect of the mentioned prescribed drug and that too without the side effects. It uses the ingredients Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, GABA, and Bacopa Monnieri.over all, despite having a couple of side effects, it is a pretty good substitution nootropic drug.

Smart X

It is another popular Nootropic supplement with high overall potency.  It is clinically proven product and uses effective ingredients like Huperzine A, Schsandrin A, Phosphatidylserine, and Vinpocetine. It also receives highly positive user reviews. 

Cognimaxx XL

It is a rather genuine product in the domain of Nootropic drugs. It uses highly effective ingredients like Bacopin, Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine, and Vinpocetine. Its effectiveness is supported by clinical finding and is also highly recommended for Alzheimer’s disease. It makes extremely genuine and improvised cognitive functions.

Each of these drugs is clinically tested and passed the standards successfully, and that is why they have earned their spot rightfully in the list. One important thing you must take note that a single or occasional dosage provides only short-term benefits afterward. However taking it regularly for a period of time say, weeks or longer can create long lasting enhancement effects on brain functions, sometimes even permanent. Furthermore, to support the same, the manufacturers of almost all of the mentioned drug supplements provide significant discounts for bulk purchase of the same. 

Low toxicity and behavioral changes are considered as some of the adverse effects of the some of the drugs. Being addicted to the drugs and losing self-confidence without it has also been noted among the people who regularly consume the same. To keep it in check, several countries allow only those Nootropics drugs that are considered as safe by the manufacturers. Also, the sales and purchase of the drugs without the same are considered as illegal. However, these said adverse effects are found in both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs.

Each of these supplements is unique in terms of composition and function and can be very distinct from one another. You can either pick up the one match the best as per your need, or you can also go for a combination of several drugs to form what is known as a stack. A stack is formed by pairing substances which enhance and complements the positive effects of each other when consumed simultaneously.

Most of the stacks are readily available as pre-mixed in the market. But you can also make your know drug by getting the raw powders and mix them as per personal need. However, the task of stacking nootropics is a job that demands caution, alertness and extreme knowledge of individual ingredients and dosage. Thus, it must be done only by an extremely good pharmacist or at least under their guidance. Also, beware of the stacks available from unauthentic dealers for cheap prices as saving a few bucks can end up causing much more to you.

In a nutshell, the capable and functional brain is an extremely important factor for healthy living. And going for a Nootropic is an excellent choice particularly for those who rely on their mental abilities for a living or are trying for the same in the future. So, go for the right supplement and utilize its potential to the fullest. After all, a good investment in the right place is just the kick start you need in order to reshape your life.

10 Top Brain Boosting Supplements That You Can Use

It is not an easy task to search for top 10 supplements for providing brain boosting abilities. As the market is continuously growing, hence new brand or product supplements is emerging that has nootropic ingredients in it. It can be considered that few of these supplements are definitely much better as compared to others, as far as quality is concerned.

10 Supplements To Boost Brain Power

There are 10 brain supplements that are present in the market and have produced significant and noticeable results for its customers. These supplements are very effective in improving memory, attention, focus, and concentration. It is also helpful in reducing anxiety, stress level and eliminating brain fog, thus improving your overall brain health. It has provided a noticeable change in the entire quality of brain regarding cognitive functioning. These supplements have been selected based on personal testing experiences of several customers along with reader’s feedback. Here are the following top ten names:


It is a premium quality supplement consist of nootropic ingredients that are available in the market at a premium price. It uses the combination of two supplements with different nootropic content. It has the ability to improve your cognitive abilities and increase energy level while multitasking. It also enhances your individual immune system, improves your hormonal balancing capabilities, and regulates various body processes such as metabolism levels. Its ingredients include – caffeine and pterostilbene. Caffeine helps to improve your concentration level and provides the necessary energy boost to your body. It can eliminate your tiredness and makes you feel refreshed upon usage.

Its ingredient pterostilbene is an extract which is found in fruits like blueberries and grapes. It is very effective in promoting better cardiovascular health to you and ensures releasing of the needed energy while improving your cognitive capabilities. It performs advanced metabolism processes in your body, thus limiting the conversions of calorie into fats. It ensures that you remain healthy by reducing inflammation.

Alpha Brain


Alpha Brain is indeed one of the first supplements to boost brain power by putting the concept out to the market, regarding pre-formulated nootropic stack of supplement. It can be considered as one of the best product on nootropics supplement that can provide a brain booster. This can improve your mood, cognitive ability, focus, and energy level in several ways. It is a balanced stack formula that is composed of ingredients that are natural and earth grown, hence protects your brain cells along with promoting neuron health. It makes use of alpha brain ingredients that includes various supplements in substantial dosages. Its ingredients include – Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine and Bacopa Monnieri.

There are Racetams such as Aniracetam and Piracetam, which are two very strongest nootropic content for providing gains that are short-term regarding focus and concentration.

Hence, it is advised to you for making it a common practice to include a racetam along with Alpha Brain for best results.


Nitrovit is considered as one of the best product for brain boosting using nootropics content that can treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This disorder can give rise to problems such as low concentrating abilities, hyperactivity, forgetfulness, and inability to complete or finish any given task in time. Nitrovit was designed with the purpose of providing relief from various symptoms of ADHD. It also had included some latest enhancement formulas to its ingredient, such as noopept for producing much-enhanced results. It also utilizes the contribution from some more powerful and potent ingredient that can help to boost your attention, mental clarity, focus, concentration and provides an improved memory.

Nitrovit is often regarded as America’s one of the most advanced super vitamin to boost your cognitive abilities. It is an efficient and effective solution that can support maximum optimization and growth of the brain.


NooShift is one of the major breakthroughs regarding supplements that has cognitive enhancing abilities and offers highest as well as purest quality agents as its ingredients. This enhances your overall memory power and provides mental clarity, boost your alertness levels along with improving your focus. This brain-boosting product was created by Lift Nutraceuticals, and it produces a product that is free from caffeine, whereas most products use caffeine such as Nitrovit, Excelerol and Think.

Its formula can be divided into three major blends such as – Motivation Blend, Focus Matrix, and Advanced Memory Complex. The Focus Matrix contains alpha GPC and ashwagandha. The Motivation Blend consists of dimethylaminoethanol and taurine. The Advanced Memory Complex contains Huperzine A, noopept, uridine and phosphatidylserine. It also includes other ingredients such as rice flour and vegetarian capsule.


OptiMind is a brain-boosting product that can help you to focus on your activities for longer time period, effortless waking up and feeling its effect within less than an hour. It uses a proprietary blend of ingredients and keeps the milligrams amount hidden behind it. It’s 1315 mg content has a lot to offer to you, as it utilizes the formulation of Vitamin B12 (500 mg), Vitamin D (385 mg), and Proprietary Blend (1315 mg). It also uses ingredients such as Taurine, GABA, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Extract in which 50% is Bacosides, Vinpocetine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Caffeine, Sulbutiamine and Huperzia Serrata.

Its ingredient Sulbutiamine provides a sweet inclusion to the composition of Optimind, and it produces a notable effect on improving your mood by directly affecting Dopamine neurotransmitter. It also boosts your cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration power and also improves reading speed as well as an accelerated learning process.


TruBrain is a product to boost your memory that can also be considered as a very powerful and potent supplement that is liquid in nature. Even if it is in a liquid form, it works quite quickly and is the only nootropic product with liquid content. It is considered as a very safe and legally approved to order from the counters across the market. It is a product that can be a remedy to make cognitive and memory improvements. Out of thousands of products of a similar kind in today’s market, TruBrain is unique as it has been designed, developed as well as tested clinically by a group of scientists. It is manufactured by a company in the United States, that is based in California but bears the name as the product itself. In one month, they sell out product boxes containing 44 product packets to its customers.

List of TruBrain Ingredients-  CDP Choline, Pramiracetam, Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Magnesium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, DHA, EPA, and Piracetam.

It consists of ingredients that enhance memory and brain power. It has Piracetam that is effective in enhancing cognitive properties and also boost the functioning of your brain to process information quickly. Its formula also consists of a compound known as Acetyl L-Carnitine, which have antioxidant properties. It is a compound which is responsible for converting the fatty acids in your body into cellular energy. It has another key ingredient CDP-Choline, well known for repairing cell membranes and a key neurotransmitter that can be used to improve attention, memory and increases uptake of choline in your brain.

It has DHA which is known for reducing cell membrane deterioration, and there is Omega 3 fatty acid to improve your focus level, memory as well as maintains overall brain health. It contains Magnesium that plays as a key mineral and takes part in metabolism activities and protein synthesis. It has Pramiracetam that can stimulate your learning process, memory, and attention power. It provides gluten free vegetarian capsules to its customers.

Green Guru Nutrition

The product of Green Guru Nutrition offers a unique formulation for providing maximum benefits to improve your brain health. It has a range of products that have the right amount of focus and energy improving abilities but using different ways for delivering the energy level. It consists of three major products – GenEnergy, MindHD, and CrossEnergizer Pro.


This product provides you the necessary push that helps to keep focus for an extended period of time. It is encouraged and recommended, especially if you want to continue the existing energy level, instead of starting from the initial task to wake you up completely. If you go for this product, you can expect benefits such as – more energy level, improved performance, better endurance, and less fatigue. If you had more focusing power during the beginning of the day, this product helps in maintaining the same focus level on consuming it.


The special formula of MINDHD helps in elevating your memory utilization and cognitive abilities, which helps in promoting a better focus on work. It won’t give any jitters to you, like other formulas may give you by providing the instant energizing effect. It doesn’t matter whether you consume it consistently or just a little dose, in small time durations, it can help to – wake up without fatigue or feeling overtired, improve brain functioning using proper nutrients and give balanced energy without crashing. It nourishes your entire brain with unique ingredients. It supports the brain for making a proper connection and by using a comparatively lesser amount of caffeine content in it. In each dose, you get only 70 mg caffeine amount, this it makes the process easier during energy transition.  


If you are into an intense workout regime, CROSSENERGIZER PRO can provide you the necessary stamina for continuing further work ahead. It provides intense focusing power, increases body’s ability in participating in aerobic as well as anaerobic activities, eliminates fatigue level and helps in utilizing a clean energy. It uses various natural ingredients and amino acids in its capsules. It also includes green tea, mushroom and Rhodiola plant.


It is a product to boost your memory using natural ingredients for enhancing your brain’s ability safely and to produce vivid as well as long-lasting memories, remain focused and sharply motivated for long hours. It offers improved alertness, mood, social ease, concentration, increased mental endurance, and enhanced abilities to study. It is used by many on a regular basis, including college students, executives, scientists, office goers and creative artists. It consists of ingredients such as – Vitamin B6(5 mg), Coleus Forskohlii extract (20 mg), Artichoke Extract ( 900 mg), Acetyl L-Carnitine (750 mg) and L-Phenylalanine (500 mg).


The dietary supplement of NooCube is a product that can enhance your cognitive functioning and can be used as a stimulant to enhance your motivation level, long/short term memory and focussing the attention of instant matters. It’s your brain’s responsibility to ensure proper functioning of your entire body and maintain the commanding speed using brain cells. Your brain sends chemical information messengers to other parts of your body, known as neurotransmitters. To boost these neurotransmitters, you need NooCube as it gives that extra boost and increases the overall functioning of your brain.  


The product RestUp was designed for the specific purpose of improving your overall sleep quality. This unique supplement not only helps you in falling asleep faster but also allows you to feel refreshed after waking up in the morning or after sleep is complete. It is one of its kind to provide this specific benefit to its customers. If you are also suffering from sleep deprivation problem, you can choose this product as it offers an exponential amount of mental energy. This energy level is equivalent to what you can get adequate rest every night, as it allows your brain for recharging itself.

It consists of powerful ingredients that can reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia issues and overactive mind. It’s one of the ingredients is 5-HTP that contains amino acid and is produced naturally within your body. It also increases melatonin and serotonin levels in the body and creates an overall sense of happiness and wellness in your mind. It also contains another amino acid L-theanine, that gives a sense of wellness and relaxation, along with better and calm mood. It improves the natural dopamine levels in your body, thus makes you fall asleep quickly and easily. It contains a little amount of melatonin which helps your mind to relax and feel tires in a natural way.

If you want to increase your brain power and remain alerted and active throughout the day, there are top ten products to boost your memory.

There is one product that can even make you feel asleep in a natural process and one that can give you refreshed feeling after waking up.On the basis of your requirement level and ingredients, you can choose your best brain booster supplement.

Things To Know Before You Buy Nootropics Online

Nootropics can make you concentrate better, increase productivity and treat your depression. For that, you have to buy the right product from an authentic channel. There are many top sellers in the ecommerce space for smart drugs. How to navigate through them to buy the smart drug ideal for you? Let’s find out-

Know Where To Start From

Before you head towards purchasing nootropic stack online, first take into account your requirement, fitness goal, budget and type of the nootropics that will suit you. It’s easy to fall prey to hardcore and super expensive ones, because they look glamorous on advertisements.

However, it’s better to begin using herbal or natural supplements in case you don’t want to feel jittery with racing heart and hallucinations. Roasted coffee beans, Yerba Mate Tea are some of the ideal smart drugs for the rookies. Also fish oil as well as protein based nootropics can be safer options for health.

Learn About Best Providers

Sadly, relatively few OTC drugstores sell nootropics, regardless of the possibility that most of these drugs are legitimate. In online, you’d find plenty of players who stock up choicest nootropics stacks and take after a transparent payment getaway system. Amazon should come up as one of the most popular buying destinations for smart drug users. It has a separate section for nootropic stacks as well.

The variety and quick delivery that you can expect from Amazon is hard to get anywhere else. Onnit is another flagship name in the ecommerce scenario for smart drugs. In case you are not satisfied about the utility of a smart drug until you see research and case studies on it, then Onnit is the website for you.

Go through online reviews

Going through the online reviews is mandatory step, when you prefer not get duped off your hard-earned money. Do one thing. Just Google a nootropics company’s name and look for its reputation in the digital space. Join Facebook forums for nootropic users where you’d definitely be guided about sourcing the smart drug from the best seller. Reddit, too, has some interesting threads regarding nootropic usage as well as buying tips.

Do offline research by asking around your friends, colleagues or other acquaintances, who are using nootropics for a long time. Lastly, beware about fake affiliate marketers.  Before getting overwhelmed by their luring discounts, do your homework first.

Are There Contact Details?

When you are buying an official nootropic from a site, check out for physical address, phone number, chat support and toll-free line. This is where you can separate an authentic seller from the fake one. There are multiple affiliate marketers who are selling smart drugs without taking any responsibility or giving out contact details. Then why buyers flock to them? Well, the answer lies with discounts and coupon codes.

 That’s why it is compulsory to look out for contact details first.  Even if a company is real, but the support stuff is super rude or delay (more than 3 days) to reply your queries, then move on to the next online seller.

COA Certificate Is Important

COA or Certificate of Analysis is one of the key measuring points for an online store- offering only nootropics. The internet is full of scams where sub-standard products are sold like hotcakes only, because they are cheaper in price. What you’ll get in return might give you headache, blurry vision or other more harmful disease.

To be on the safe side, look for ways which validates the store’s claim -being the seller of number 1 nootropics in the market.

Any digital marketer who shows certification of excellence, categorizes its nootropics, displays ratings and gives out clear and informative descriptions about each of the products- must be the one to go after.

Aim For Powder Dosage

Powder or capsule? This is the lingering thought for most of the nootropic buyers, who are doing it for the first time. Well, if you are looking out for powerful solution that will go easy with wallet, then go for powder form- of your chosen nootropic. Why? Because when a manufacturer sells smart drug as a capsule, it takes him/her to put filler into the pill, cut supplements among other steps.

All of these would definitely incur a hike in price for the end user. With powder, you’d get a considerable amount of nootropic dust that is full of potency- definitely more than any capsule holds.

Understand The Shipping Details

While buying nootropics, remember to take into account the shipping cost as well. We should go one step further and tag the shipment price- as the key factor behind the inflated costs of nootropics. Are you situated in USA? Then rest assured, as most of the top nootropics sellers are in the States and they deliver the product free of cost within the country.

That’s not the case if you are somewhere in Europe or Asia. Zero down on 5-6 sellers and compare the shipment charges for a detailed cost-benefit analysis.  This tip is important for those, who are looking for a pocket-friendly nootropic buying experience.

Keep It Simple

Keeping everything simple is crucial while buying a nootropic. You might fantasize about complex, synthetic stuff but when you are buying the smart drug for the first time, stick for the natural products only. Instead of purchasing 5 different and costly smart drugs from different stacks and then mixing them on your own, first order only one product.

 Try it out and once you have gained enough experience regarding the best nootropics, their qualities and side-effects, go for the complex mixing process. Regardless of whether you are a vegan or not, it would be safer to stick to vegan nootropics for the first few months. Opt for tea, coffee and other natural resources.

Each day, more and more vendors are joining the digital market place to sell nootropics. Sometimes, you might feel claustrophobic with so many options out there. But by following a step-by-step guide, you can definitely choose the drug that will not only turn you smarter but also gives you lifestyle overhaul.

Inteligen: Where To Buy It And How Does It Work?

Regardless of whether you are analyzing data or searching for house key- a sharp memory comes convenient everywhere. Yet, with evolving way of life, memory fluctuation is quite common among millennials. Inteligen looks wavering focus- in the short run.

Let’s discover more about Inteligen- its ingredients, functionality and availability.

About Inteligen

Inteligen is a nootropic cerebrum supplement that improves your fluctuating memory, depleting energy as well as mental draining. The au natural way this smart drug functions makes sure that you don’t encounter the common side-effects like blurry vision or racing heart, which is associated with artificial smart drugs. With its organic elements and pocket-friendly price, Inteligen presents to you a strong alternative of over-the-counter brain-enhancement pills.


Though there are many well known synthetic nootropics out there, Inteligen certainly doesn’t fall under that category. Rather, its organic ingredients are the main reasons behind this product’s soaring acceptance rate among customers.

Bacopa Monnieri is the chief component in the formula of Inteligen. Found largely amidst the northern parts of India, this plant has a credible history to elevate cognitive ability. Another point-of-highlight about Bacopa is, it decreases your stress level few notches down within a month, once you start taking Inteligen regularly.

Like we pamper our skins with anti-aging creams and lotions, our maturing brains do need the same care. Acetyl-L Carnitine is the notable element present in Inteligen, which slows down the aging of brain cells. Result? You will feel more mentally alert and invigorated throughout the day.

Ginkgo Biloba is a constant fixture in many prescribed medicines for degenerative ailments, such as- dementia. In Inteligen, Ginkgo is present in a large amount.

There are other components constituting Inteligen like Vinpocetine, Vitamin B6.

Does It Work?

When a memory booster is compiled of so many interesting and safe ingredients, which have verified record of elevating concentration power and improving cerebrum wellbeing, it’s bound to work. Moreover, Inteligen functions in a holistic way and its effect is not limited to specific parts of brain.

As stated in the above point, both Bacopa and Ginkgo extracts triggers off individual functionalities of the brain – from gaining better focus to reducing the intensity of stress as well as depression.

On the other hand, our cerebrum has neurotransmitter that transports signals- from one brain cell to another. These signals give us directions about- what message we need to process and acting accordingly.

With the regular dosage of Inteligen, the otherwise dwindling (because of stress/ depression/mental fatigue) neurotransmitter would be fired-up and resume its duty with full force. The whole process ensures that your mind remains in its healthiest and most active state.

Many a times, our brain cells get damaged because of accident or any other type of trauma. With Vinpocetine in Inteligen, this injury can be healed in a faster way.

Where To Buy It From?

It’s hard to find Inteligen in any of the OTC stores. But fret not, as Amazon stocks up this nootropic supplement throughout the year. You can buy a bottle from Amazon marketplace at $69.99. There are many affiliate marketers out there who offer this product at relatively cheaper price- with lots of discounts and coupon codes.

Keep an eye for the best deal and you may snatch up a bottle of Inteligen containing one month’s supply at $ 49.00 / bottle.

If you want to stock up 2 months’ supply, then from a generous affiliate marketer, you can lay your hands on the bottle with $33.00 / container.

Three months’ supply consists of offering each bottle at $29.00.

You can try buying it from the official website of Inteligen as well, though the site might not be accessible from many parts of the world.

The 30-day money back guarantee scheme is there. Be that as it may, you have to cough up a nominal amount as for refund shipping charge.

Is Inteligen Effective For Everybody?

The high-school students, who are suffering from learning difficulties, can be benefitted from including moderate dosage of Inteligen in everyday diet. Similarly, in case your father or grandma is showing mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia, you should encourage them to take up Inteligen, even if once in a day. Just make sure that they are not on any other complicated medication.

 Keep it in mind that, depending upon your lifestyle and health condition, the result of Inteligen can vary. Many people have misconceptions that once you start consuming nootropics; you will get to see the outcome overnight.

In reality, if you are suffering from severe sleep-disorder or anemia, then you might experience very slow change or none at all, even with twice-a-day dosage of Inteligen. For better outcome, first treat the disease thorough and then go after this nootropic.


One of the best parts of using Inteligen is- there is no caffeine in this smart drug, which will make you jittery.  It’s quite common phenomenon that whenever you are on a caffeine-laden brain supplement- you might feel being on edge throughout the day.

The edginess doesn’t stave off even when you hit the bed at night. Because of its no-caffeine formula, you’ll encounter only stability of nerves and mind, with Inteligen.

In the official website, one can see that Inteligen is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and by using a patented technology. One should expect only top quality service from Inteligen capsules.

Lastly, Inteligen is an environmentally responsible nootropic that flaunts no-GMO certification. The gluten-free tag ensures that, those who have allergy with gluten items, Inteligen should be their first choice.


With mounting work pressure and fast life, mental fatigue is becoming increasingly common these days among professionals, students and stay-at-home parents as well. It’s hard to find a comprehensive supplement that looks after your brain as a whole. Inteligen is unique in this sense. Do give it a shot to improve your productivity.

Debunking Common Myths of Nootropics

Nootropics constitute life hack for stressed out individuals. Despite the fact, that the main motto of every nootropic is to upgrade memory as well as cognitive power, there are multiple myths surrounding them-thus leading to ultimate confusion among beginners.

Let’s find out 9 popular myths about nootropics and how they can be debunked-

Myth 1: You’ll Be An Overnight Success

Today, the hoopla about Nootropics largely stemmed from the 2011 movie “Limitless”. In case you think that like the movie protagonist Eddie Morra, the usage of a smart drug (or nootropic) alone would enhance your cognitive ability instantaneously, then you are surely making a mistake.

Having nootropic on a regular basis would surely enhance your memory, lift up your vitality and push you to focus on any task more intently. Do they make you millionaire or a genius in the long run? The answer would be a resounding-No.

You’ll find plenty of scamsters in the internet who would promise you otherwise. But research hard about the nootropic he/she is selling, before buying the fake product out and losing hard-earned money in the process.

Myth 2: They Have Scientific Back-Up

The drum-roll around nootropics might make you believe that, there is a solid scientific back-up behind the functionality of smart drugs. And that’s why people are jumping over them. In truth, much is left to be discovered about how a nootropic impacts our brains.

A smart drug like Alpha Brain doesn’t have much going on its behalf which is validated by research. Still, it’s famously utilized as a memory booster! In the event you get fascinated by a nootropic just by looking at its expensive price tag and tall claims, take the latter with a pinch of salt.

Myth 3They Replace Healthy Lifestyle

Are you living on coffee for most of the days because of packed work schedule? Beware; relying only upon a nootropic for enhanced performance might backfire. Apart from using smart drug, you must lead a healthy life combining-8 hours of sleep, exercise and better eating pattern. In the event, any of these healthy lifestyle choices is lacking in your life, don’t expect a tremendous result from your smart drug. Rather, be introspective and think deep which changes you can bring into your life for optimal performance and cognitive capacity.

Myth 4: Start From Anywhere

In case you are going to use nootropics for the first time in life, it’s quite normal to assume that you are allowed to start from any smart drug. Don’t take this route when you are not yet there, to stomach the complicated stuff. Start from a relatively safer nootropic (most preferably herbal) and limit it into small daily dosage. Once your body gets used to it for 1-2 months, then only go for hardcore drugs.

 We all know that caffeine helps in retaining your focus. Along this line, try out Bulletproof Coffee, which is a natural and healthier option. It requires you to mix MCT oil and butter into your coffee for better concentration.

Do you know there are ideal nootropics for vegans as well? Creatine is one such smart drug. If you are hardcore vegan diet, then this is the smart pill for you.

Myth 5: They Don’t Treat Disability

Another myth about nootropics is that it works only when your brain is well functioning but fatigued due to stress, poor lifestyle choices or work-pressure. Be that as it may, do you know that for dyslexic students, a moderate dosage of Piracetam on a regular basis would trigger off comprehension and analytical skill?

Myth 6: They Are Fad

Another myth about Nootropics (which needs to be debunked) is that- they are the recent fad. However, this is not the case. Adaptogens are considered to be herbal nootropics and they had been used as memory enhancers, for thousands of years.

Aswagandha is a widely-known adaptogen, which had been used in ancient Indian traditional medicine as a cognitive booster, and still it’s going strong. On the other hand, Piracetam- the popular synthetic nootropic,  has been found in 60s and since then, ruling the smart drug segment 40 years down the line.

Myth 7: They Don’t Create Euphoria

When you start taking smart drugs, you might feel morally high. After all, there is a distinction between having legal drugs in order to enhance your brain powder vs. having illegal pills to feel euphoric. But do take note that only with little miscalculation regarding the dosage of a nootropic; the “harmless” smart drug can make you hallucinating?


In case you are suffering from anxiety bouts or depression then Tianeptine should be your number one choice in the nootropic category. But take a dosage slightly higher than, and you would suffer from blurred vision, hot flush among others. 

Myth 8: They Have Instant Gratification


To get the maximum result out of a nootropic, stick to it for at least 1 month. The majority of the beginners feel that- there would be instant results the moment you have taken the very first dosage itself.

However, slow down your expectation. Depending about your physical fitness, age and brain function- the time period may vary.  It might take place within half-n-hour to 15 days and beyond. Keeping up the patience is necessary.

Myth 9: There Is No Age-Discrimination

Many to-be users assume that a nootropic works in a non-discriminatory fashion, irrespective of the age-group. The reality is- there are certain smart drugs that work wonderfully for younger people. Others do well for aging brains.

Take for an instance- Piracetam. According to British Journal of Pharmacology, Piracetam is the best smart drug for elderly people. On the other hand, the rock star of nootropics around the world- Modafinil is best suited for young, healthy adults.  There is much more left to explore about how many of smart drugs work distinctively for separate age groups.

Nootropics can be life-changing. With the help of in-depth research and right dosage, you can sharpen your focus, retaining ability and analytical thinking of your brain via a nootropic. But don’t go for the hypes surrounding them. First separate the myth from the reality, and then only you can take an informed purchasing decision.

A Complete Review Of Inteligen : All You Wanted To Know

Since joining the new office, the mounting work pressure started wrecking havoc on my nerves and brain. Result? I was not able to focus on the task-at-hand, started to feel giddy all the time and forgetting even the most mundane of things. Thanks to my colleague-turned-into-close-friend’s recommendation, Inteligen came into my life. And voila, just sticking to this nootropic for 1 month made my memory sharper and productivity-improved.

Want to know more about this super smart drug?  Let’s discuss everything about Inteligen briefly.

What Is Inteligen?

Launched into the beginning of 2016, Inteligen is the brain-health enhancing nootropic that has taken the world-by-storm. With its distinctive combination of nutrients, amino acids and Vitamin B6, this is the perfect non-prescribed, smart medicine that can increase your cognitive ability within a month.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter which carries signals from one brain cell to another. With mental fatigue and aging, acetylcholine decreases its production- thus hitting the shelf soon. What comes to next? The electrical impulses known as signals between brain-cells show a dwindling growth-rate. This whole process makes us forgetting simple things now and then.

With Inteligen, not only the acetylcholine gets the proper maintenance it requires on a regular basis, but also your memory remains charged-up.

Inteligen also promises to lift up IQ. Well, I don’t know how much more intelligent I have become compared to pre- and post- Inteligen episode. But I can say it with authority that, the information retention power of my brain has been shot up impressively. Do you know that since its launch, 14 million capsules of Inteligen have been sold so-far?


The Non-GMO certification of Inteligen speaks volumes about the top quality of organic resources it has taken into account. Let’s know about them one-by-one.

Gingko Biloba:

This is one of the most lauded components behind Inteligen. The journey of Gingko Biloba herb had started in the ancient China- thousands of years ago. This natural resource brings in oxygen to your brain-cell-thus improving the overall brain health.

Likewise, this organic extract triggers blood circulation whenever the brain lags due to- detoxification or lack of proper rest. Additionally, Gingko Biloba also contains anti-oxidants property that can delay brain cancer symptoms in its initial stage.

Bacopa Monnieri:

This is another rock star component that has made Inteligen, such a widely popular memory booster within a year. Found mostly in the exotic land of India, Bacopa Monnieri is known for its capability of boosting up cognitive performance- among healthy adults.

Additionally, Bacopa proved to be handy in treating Alzheimer’s disease partially.


Regardless of whether you have literally hit your head against a wall and getting it damaged or suffering from mental fog due to depression, Vinpocetine is the element that works like a magic – compensating the brain injury.

Like Gingko Biloba, this too circulates blood- thus supplying oxygen and nutrients to the brain and keeping it in its fittest state.

Other than these above three main parts, vitamin B6 and acetyl-l-carnitine are other two components that have gone into the production of Inteligen. So in case you are looking for a nootropic that is herbal and gluten-free at the same time, Inteligen is the drug you should be searching for.

Is It A Scam Or Really Works?

Given the number of positive customer reviews praising the fact that, how this smart drug is changing lives one at a time, the answer should be- Inteligen does work! Just look at the ingredients first. If you take out sometime and do independent research on each of them separately, you’d end up discovering that- they are completely organic in nature. Not only that, most of them are also lauded for time immemorial for their medicinal effects on brain.

 In this age of chemical products that are poisoning our body and mind, it feels refreshing to know- Inteligen only focuses on lifting up your memory and spirit in a non-synthetic way.

The usage of nootropics as a mood-enhancer and memory booster has been there since antiquity. Inteligen is no different- as it fires up the neurotransmitters, which would make you think in an organized way and boosts up your recalling capacity for the longest period of time.

There are many Facebook groups and online forums where the avid users of Inteligen discuss on a regular basis about the advantages of this nootropic and their personal experiences with it. In order to gain more insight, join few of these groups. In this way, you will get to know the real people who have gone through positive life overhaul because of Inteligen.

Likewise, you will find plenty of reputable affiliate marketers with years of experience in online marketing. All of them are endorsing Inteligen since the first half of 2016. When a comparatively new product is backed-up by so many reliable names in the industry, there must be something substantial in this smart drug.

My Personal Experience

My personal experience with Inteligen has been life-altering. I believe these days, young adults like me, are leading extremely unhealthy lifestyle due to packed schedule, leaving no time to exercise or proper sleep. How much harm I was committing to my body was unclear to me. I had realized it for the first time, when my memory started deteriorating. Thanks to Inteligen, currently my life is back on track.

I had heard before that, one needs to use a nootropic for minimum 1 month in order to see the result. Thankfully for me, the brain development started showing in the first week itself. Before that, chronic fatigue and drooping energy were my constant companions. With Inteligen, now I feel totally recharged, energetic and smarter.

Be that as it may, remember one thing.  Taking only these pills and leading a topsy-turvy life won’t work. Bring in healthy changes in terms of- going for a diet overhaul or introducing half-n-hour exercise in your daily routine. Apart from having the everyday dosage of Inteligen, I introduced both nourishing diet and work-out into my schedule (including enough rest), and it paid me back magnificently.

This is scientifically proven that our cognitive power starts declining after 30.  With my recent spate with debilitating focus and subsequently coming out of it with the help of Inteligen, presently I am a firm believer that one must start taking care of mind after 30, just one does with his/her body.


There are multiple pros of using Inteligen. The first is- this nootropic uses gluten-free and natural ingredients that won’t make you fall in serious health risks. The mental fog you are experiencing right now can be healed by Inteligen in a non-harming process.

Personally speaking, I started developing depression as well, during the dark mentally fatigued phase of my life. But with Inteligen, I have overcome depression to the T and you can do it too. Apart from recharging the neurotransmitters, Inteligen treats melancholia as well.

There is a co-relation between our energy level and mental health. Whenever you are mentally down, you might experience that it becomes a monumental task- just rolling out of bed and pouring water into a glass. With Inteligen, your energy level would reach its peak for sure. Moreover, it would assist you to regain the spring in your feet.

Mental fatigue and depression can lead to diseases such as- anemia or skin related ones. The B6 present in Inteligen would ensure that- you remain away from these hazards, once you start taking up the smart drug daily.

Lastly, the cost of Inteligen might be slightly on the higher-end of the spectrum, but still its’ much cheaper in comparison to visiting the psychiatrist or going for prescribed medicines. So with half-of-the-price, you’d experience at end-to-end healing procedure right inside your comfort zone.


The biggest con of using Inteligen would be- there is no ingredient list displayed clearly -both on the product label and on the official website as well. In the event you want to know more about the components that have gone into the making of this powerful nootropic, visit some of the popular affiliate marketers of this smart medicine. They must be putting up the components’ rundown in their respective sites.

Another con might be- the lack of promotion regarding Inteligen in promotional space. Inteligen is quite overlooked by the popular media outlets, which write or discuss about health supplements. In case you are one gullible buyer, who, without doing any individual research, swears by anything the popular health magazines or channels dictate, then you might feel disappointed with Inteligen.


No side-effects of Inteligen as a wholesome product have been documented so far. The reviews are also positive in majority. However, if you single out the ingredients, then you might discover that each of them may generate some mild form of side-effects.

Take for an instance, Bacopa Monnieri. This herb can cause stomach upset, once you start taking a nootropic which has this component in it. You might find slight form of nausea as well, because of Bacopa. In the similar fashion, Vinpocetine is notorious for causing loose motion. This feature also induces dry mouth and dizziness.

Lastly, Gingko Biloba can cause heart palpitation as well. Do remember that there is no one-size-fits-all for nootropics. Yes, this applies for Inteligen as well. If you are post 40 and on different medications for other healthy ailments apart from mental fatigue, then Inteligen may trigger some of the above mentioned symptoms.

Don’t fret. If you develop any these syndromes, stop using the nootropic right away and consult to your physician- without causing any delay.

When You Shouldn’t Use It?

There are few instances where you must ponder over before using Inteligen. The most critical among them would be- during your pregnancy. When you are expecting, do not consume Inteligen without your doctor’s permission.

As I have stated above, Inteligen is beneficial for curing mental slump to a large extent. Now, many lactating mothers suffer from post-partum depression. If you are one among them, there is no need to take Inteligen as the remedy for your post-partum blue, without consulting to the doctor.

On the other hand, when you are on a medication to cure thinning blood, it’s advisable that you must stay away from Inteligen.

Lastly, severe sleep disorder is the curse of 21st century. This alone can lead to dropping energy as well as mental blockage. It might feel totally relevant to use Inteligen to get rid of this situation, but remember- Vinpocetine has a side-effect that may deepen your insomnia further. In this case, take up Inteligen only when you have recovered from this sleep disorder.

Why It’s So Popular?

Because solving Sudoku alone won’t help you retain your memory. With Inteligen, one can sharpen his/her focus manifold- within the span of only one month. Is there another nootropic that does it so fast? I highly doubt.

In this age of chemical pills all around, the au natural ingredients of Inteligen will ensure that, your brain doesn’t lead to further detoxification as well.

Inteligen can be used by various age-groups, given the dosage is correct. Do you know that even the young students with learning difficulties, can be benefitted from Inteligen?

Whether you are 31 or 51, it doesn’t matter. You can use this nootropic to come out of the mental stagnation, which is hampering your productivity.

The easy availability of Inteligen in the online space is another reason for its popularity. In this way, you can be anywhere in world and place an order for it.

If you are a vegan, then it’s hard to come by a vegan-friendly nootropic. In Inteligen, you would definitely find the safe smart drug that would gel with your lifestyle choices. With the number of vegans increasing day by day, this is not a surprising fact that Inteligen is enjoying a distinctive status right now.

What Scientists Are Saying?

As of now, no scientific study has been undertaken targeting Inteligen- solely. But separate research studies have been done on the ingredients that are present in this nootropic. The benefits of the main ingredients have been pointed out in this review as well.

 However, when you hit the official site of Inteligen, you’ll find some scientific sources are there in the footer section. They are provided by the manufacturer. When you click through the source links- they will lead you to pages about memory boosters, plants that help in retaining focus and the herbal origin from where- Inteligen comes from.

In 2000, the journal Psychopharmacology had published it with evidence that- Gingko Biloba has an astounding effect in lifting up concentration power. As Gingko is there in Inteligen, it verifies that Inteligen has scientific evidences going for it.


For optimal performance, you should take 2 capsules per day. Well, that what I did and it reinvigorated my brain functionality tremendously. There is no set-pattern of taking Inteligen. Some users go for it as the first thing in the morning in an empty stomach, and the last one before hitting the bed at night.

I had carved out a unique way for myself. I started bringing along the bottle with me in the office. Every time, I used to feel that my fatigue is shooting up due to burden of work, popping down a pill with plenty of water worked. Again, don’t take more than 2 pills on a single day.


Now let’s find out some of the frequently asked questions regarding Inteligen which are not easy to locate in the affiliate sites.

Is Inteligen FDA approved?

Ans: Neither the official site or nor the affiliate marketers claim that Inteligen is FDA approved. However, the non-GMO certification for Inteligen is available online.

Does Inteligen cure dementia?

Ans: Yes, dementia can kick off followed by symptoms such as- lose of focus, failing attention span and forgetting information in quick successions. Inteligen does have properties to treat dementia in its initial stage.

Does the product only aim for particular areas of brain?

Ans: I have mentioned neurotransmitters many times in this review. From there, one may tend to assume that Inteligen only targets to specific brain areas. Be that as it may, this is not true. This nootropic happens to impact the whole brain during its healing stages.

Cost & Manufacturer

There are three pricing plans for Inteligen. Among them, you have to choose the one that is most suitable for your fitness goal and budget.

In case you are looking for the smallest of the packages, then do opt for 1 bottle for $49 plan. Each bottle contains 60 pills.

It is certainly possible that you might want to save money-yet-laying your hands upon the larger stock of the nootropic. For such buyers, there is a plan consisting of 3 bottles- costing $33 per bottle. So the net amount would come at $99. Isn’t it a cost-effective offer?

In the event you want to opt for lager plan-thus ensuring a stock for 5 months, buy 5 bottles as a wholesome package. Here, each bottle is priced at $29.60.

There is a money-back plan for Inteligen, in the event you don’t find the pills effective. Then you can request for a refund. But remember, you have to cough up $5.00 for refund shipping charge.

In similar fashion, if you order the cheapest of the packages, then you have to pay $9.00 extra for the shipping cost. The other two schemes don’t have this rule.

As Inteligen is a relatively newer nootropic, not much has been found out about the producer of this smart drug. When you will visit the official site, you would see that in the place of manufacturer, it is mentioned “Inteligen Brain Supplements”.  Another mention-worthy point is- this product has been manufactured by using patented technology.

Where To Buy It From?

Unfortunately, Inteligen is not available in the physical stores till this moment. So online market space is the only option from where- you can source your Inteligen. But don’t worry as there are plenty of affiliate marketers in the ecommerce space who are selling Inteligen at exciting offers.

Most of them present tempting discounts and coupon codes. From there, you can purchase the nootropic at a slashed price, than the regular market rate.

You can also buy it from the official site itself but do take note the website sometimes undergoes spells of maintenance. During those periods, it might be inaccessible to you. Unfortunately, this is one factor that needs proper attention from the manufacturers on an urgent basis.

However, one USP of buying Inteligen from the official site is- you don’t need to face the phony free trial period, which comes with majority of shady supplements out there. In order to experience its benefits, you have to buy the product in the very first place.

Aren’t we all wary of free trial promises offered by fishy supplements? Well, this straightforward approach of Inteligen- maker must be applauded by the no-nonsense buyers.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of customer reviews in the online forums where you’ll find that users have been gushing about Inteligen. Some showed awe about- how tenderly this smart drug had treated their depression without causing any side-effects. Others lauded the fact that, after using Inteligen, their attention span expanded along with the energy level.

However, there is a tiny group of users who grumbled about Inteligen’s lackadaisical customer service. Apparently, the customer support team got back to their complaints after more than 2 days.

Some of the affiliate marketers have posted over-exaggerated praises regarding the products in their sites. For the intelligent customers, it would be easy to spot. Whenever, you come across such impossible promises of Inteligen-made by affiliate sellers, do take them with a pinch of salt.

Final Verdict

Reading through the Inteligen review is not enough. To know whether or not it works in real life, try it out even if for one month. A sharp memory is a necessity- whether to retain your job or living a normal life. Inteligen can assist you in this journey, so do give it a try.

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