It is not an easy task to search for top 10 supplements for providing brain boosting abilities. As the market is continuously growing, hence new brand or product supplements is emerging that has nootropic ingredients in it. It can be considered that few of these supplements are definitely much better as compared to others, as far as quality is concerned.

10 Supplements To Boost Brain Power

There are 10 brain supplements that are present in the market and have produced significant and noticeable results for its customers. These supplements are very effective in improving memory, attention, focus, and concentration. It is also helpful in reducing anxiety, stress level and eliminating brain fog, thus improving your overall brain health. It has provided a noticeable change in the entire quality of brain regarding cognitive functioning. These supplements have been selected based on personal testing experiences of several customers along with reader’s feedback. Here are the following top ten names:


It is a premium quality supplement consist of nootropic ingredients that are available in the market at a premium price. It uses the combination of two supplements with different nootropic content. It has the ability to improve your cognitive abilities and increase energy level while multitasking. It also enhances your individual immune system, improves your hormonal balancing capabilities, and regulates various body processes such as metabolism levels. Its ingredients include – caffeine and pterostilbene. Caffeine helps to improve your concentration level and provides the necessary energy boost to your body. It can eliminate your tiredness and makes you feel refreshed upon usage.

Its ingredient pterostilbene is an extract which is found in fruits like blueberries and grapes. It is very effective in promoting better cardiovascular health to you and ensures releasing of the needed energy while improving your cognitive capabilities. It performs advanced metabolism processes in your body, thus limiting the conversions of calorie into fats. It ensures that you remain healthy by reducing inflammation.

Alpha Brain


Alpha Brain is indeed one of the first supplements to boost brain power by putting the concept out to the market, regarding pre-formulated nootropic stack of supplement. It can be considered as one of the best product on nootropics supplement that can provide a brain booster. This can improve your mood, cognitive ability, focus, and energy level in several ways. It is a balanced stack formula that is composed of ingredients that are natural and earth grown, hence protects your brain cells along with promoting neuron health. It makes use of alpha brain ingredients that includes various supplements in substantial dosages. Its ingredients include – Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine and Bacopa Monnieri.

There are Racetams such as Aniracetam and Piracetam, which are two very strongest nootropic content for providing gains that are short-term regarding focus and concentration.

Hence, it is advised to you for making it a common practice to include a racetam along with Alpha Brain for best results.


Nitrovit is considered as one of the best product for brain boosting using nootropics content that can treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This disorder can give rise to problems such as low concentrating abilities, hyperactivity, forgetfulness, and inability to complete or finish any given task in time. Nitrovit was designed with the purpose of providing relief from various symptoms of ADHD. It also had included some latest enhancement formulas to its ingredient, such as noopept for producing much-enhanced results. It also utilizes the contribution from some more powerful and potent ingredient that can help to boost your attention, mental clarity, focus, concentration and provides an improved memory.

Nitrovit is often regarded as America’s one of the most advanced super vitamin to boost your cognitive abilities. It is an efficient and effective solution that can support maximum optimization and growth of the brain.


NooShift is one of the major breakthroughs regarding supplements that has cognitive enhancing abilities and offers highest as well as purest quality agents as its ingredients. This enhances your overall memory power and provides mental clarity, boost your alertness levels along with improving your focus. This brain-boosting product was created by Lift Nutraceuticals, and it produces a product that is free from caffeine, whereas most products use caffeine such as Nitrovit, Excelerol and Think.

Its formula can be divided into three major blends such as – Motivation Blend, Focus Matrix, and Advanced Memory Complex. The Focus Matrix contains alpha GPC and ashwagandha. The Motivation Blend consists of dimethylaminoethanol and taurine. The Advanced Memory Complex contains Huperzine A, noopept, uridine and phosphatidylserine. It also includes other ingredients such as rice flour and vegetarian capsule.


OptiMind is a brain-boosting product that can help you to focus on your activities for longer time period, effortless waking up and feeling its effect within less than an hour. It uses a proprietary blend of ingredients and keeps the milligrams amount hidden behind it. It’s 1315 mg content has a lot to offer to you, as it utilizes the formulation of Vitamin B12 (500 mg), Vitamin D (385 mg), and Proprietary Blend (1315 mg). It also uses ingredients such as Taurine, GABA, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Extract in which 50% is Bacosides, Vinpocetine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Caffeine, Sulbutiamine and Huperzia Serrata.

Its ingredient Sulbutiamine provides a sweet inclusion to the composition of Optimind, and it produces a notable effect on improving your mood by directly affecting Dopamine neurotransmitter. It also boosts your cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration power and also improves reading speed as well as an accelerated learning process.


TruBrain is a product to boost your memory that can also be considered as a very powerful and potent supplement that is liquid in nature. Even if it is in a liquid form, it works quite quickly and is the only nootropic product with liquid content. It is considered as a very safe and legally approved to order from the counters across the market. It is a product that can be a remedy to make cognitive and memory improvements. Out of thousands of products of a similar kind in today’s market, TruBrain is unique as it has been designed, developed as well as tested clinically by a group of scientists. It is manufactured by a company in the United States, that is based in California but bears the name as the product itself. In one month, they sell out product boxes containing 44 product packets to its customers.

List of TruBrain Ingredients-  CDP Choline, Pramiracetam, Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Magnesium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, DHA, EPA, and Piracetam.

It consists of ingredients that enhance memory and brain power. It has Piracetam that is effective in enhancing cognitive properties and also boost the functioning of your brain to process information quickly. Its formula also consists of a compound known as Acetyl L-Carnitine, which have antioxidant properties. It is a compound which is responsible for converting the fatty acids in your body into cellular energy. It has another key ingredient CDP-Choline, well known for repairing cell membranes and a key neurotransmitter that can be used to improve attention, memory and increases uptake of choline in your brain.

It has DHA which is known for reducing cell membrane deterioration, and there is Omega 3 fatty acid to improve your focus level, memory as well as maintains overall brain health. It contains Magnesium that plays as a key mineral and takes part in metabolism activities and protein synthesis. It has Pramiracetam that can stimulate your learning process, memory, and attention power. It provides gluten free vegetarian capsules to its customers.

Green Guru Nutrition

The product of Green Guru Nutrition offers a unique formulation for providing maximum benefits to improve your brain health. It has a range of products that have the right amount of focus and energy improving abilities but using different ways for delivering the energy level. It consists of three major products – GenEnergy, MindHD, and CrossEnergizer Pro.


This product provides you the necessary push that helps to keep focus for an extended period of time. It is encouraged and recommended, especially if you want to continue the existing energy level, instead of starting from the initial task to wake you up completely. If you go for this product, you can expect benefits such as – more energy level, improved performance, better endurance, and less fatigue. If you had more focusing power during the beginning of the day, this product helps in maintaining the same focus level on consuming it.


The special formula of MINDHD helps in elevating your memory utilization and cognitive abilities, which helps in promoting a better focus on work. It won’t give any jitters to you, like other formulas may give you by providing the instant energizing effect. It doesn’t matter whether you consume it consistently or just a little dose, in small time durations, it can help to – wake up without fatigue or feeling overtired, improve brain functioning using proper nutrients and give balanced energy without crashing. It nourishes your entire brain with unique ingredients. It supports the brain for making a proper connection and by using a comparatively lesser amount of caffeine content in it. In each dose, you get only 70 mg caffeine amount, this it makes the process easier during energy transition.  


If you are into an intense workout regime, CROSSENERGIZER PRO can provide you the necessary stamina for continuing further work ahead. It provides intense focusing power, increases body’s ability in participating in aerobic as well as anaerobic activities, eliminates fatigue level and helps in utilizing a clean energy. It uses various natural ingredients and amino acids in its capsules. It also includes green tea, mushroom and Rhodiola plant.


It is a product to boost your memory using natural ingredients for enhancing your brain’s ability safely and to produce vivid as well as long-lasting memories, remain focused and sharply motivated for long hours. It offers improved alertness, mood, social ease, concentration, increased mental endurance, and enhanced abilities to study. It is used by many on a regular basis, including college students, executives, scientists, office goers and creative artists. It consists of ingredients such as – Vitamin B6(5 mg), Coleus Forskohlii extract (20 mg), Artichoke Extract ( 900 mg), Acetyl L-Carnitine (750 mg) and L-Phenylalanine (500 mg).


The dietary supplement of NooCube is a product that can enhance your cognitive functioning and can be used as a stimulant to enhance your motivation level, long/short term memory and focussing the attention of instant matters. It’s your brain’s responsibility to ensure proper functioning of your entire body and maintain the commanding speed using brain cells. Your brain sends chemical information messengers to other parts of your body, known as neurotransmitters. To boost these neurotransmitters, you need NooCube as it gives that extra boost and increases the overall functioning of your brain.  


The product RestUp was designed for the specific purpose of improving your overall sleep quality. This unique supplement not only helps you in falling asleep faster but also allows you to feel refreshed after waking up in the morning or after sleep is complete. It is one of its kind to provide this specific benefit to its customers. If you are also suffering from sleep deprivation problem, you can choose this product as it offers an exponential amount of mental energy. This energy level is equivalent to what you can get adequate rest every night, as it allows your brain for recharging itself.

It consists of powerful ingredients that can reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia issues and overactive mind. It’s one of the ingredients is 5-HTP that contains amino acid and is produced naturally within your body. It also increases melatonin and serotonin levels in the body and creates an overall sense of happiness and wellness in your mind. It also contains another amino acid L-theanine, that gives a sense of wellness and relaxation, along with better and calm mood. It improves the natural dopamine levels in your body, thus makes you fall asleep quickly and easily. It contains a little amount of melatonin which helps your mind to relax and feel tires in a natural way.

If you want to increase your brain power and remain alerted and active throughout the day, there are top ten products to boost your memory.

There is one product that can even make you feel asleep in a natural process and one that can give you refreshed feeling after waking up.On the basis of your requirement level and ingredients, you can choose your best brain booster supplement.