Nootropics, or more commonly known as the brain supplements or smart drugs or cognitive enhancer, which is gaining immense popularity these days in all over the world. But before exploring more about them let’s first understand what nootropics are and how useful these are for its users.

The term Nootropic was first coined by a Romanian chemist and psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea in the year 1972. The origin traces back to Greek, which translates the terms as mind and bends or turn. Thus, combined it means to bend or turn the mind of the individual short-term it.

These are drugs or supplements that enhance the cognitive function of a healthy individual. These improvements are in terms of better creativity, focus, alertness, memory, and motivation. In fact, the net global sales of the same exceed US$1 billion until a couple of years back and needless to say, the statistics are in increasing terms itself as the global demand for the same is growing rapidly.

Only a few drugs are available in the market boosted with Nootropics, especially the ones which enhance the cognitive and motor functions safely and effectively.  Though, there are lots of the new drugs are being tested all across the globe to join the force.

These are prescribed for several medical conditions as well. These include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and Huntington’s disease and so on. These aim to enhance the motor and cognitive skills of the patients. However, its effectiveness varies greatly from person to person.

The use of Nootropics has also been found among the students in order to enhance their productivity, particularly the academic related ones. In fact, about 4.5 % of the college grade German students use these supplements’. However, its long-term adverse consequences have been suggested by several neuroscientists.

However, its viability and use by you or any individual, other than the ones who are medically subscribed for so, is a topic for huge debates among the physicians, psychiatrists and also neuroscientists. The enhancement of the cognitive functions by these drugs is also questioned in the aspect of ethics as well. Since these drugs are comparatively new to use, the long term effects data is currently not available for most of them. Thus, the people who support and protest against its usage, both lack the genuine data to support their belief.

Now the big question arises, do these actually work? If yes then how exactly. Is it like a magic position that will instantly make even the weak students and employees be smart and secure position in exams and office project or it only for individuals with the potential to unlock the hindrances and achieve better results? Let’s understand in details.

The Nootropic drugs have been manufactured to boost the cognitive and brain function. It provides self-confidence by producing and boosting the neurotransmitter signals of the brain. The brain is an organ with billions of neurons transmitting signals with the help of network structure connected by synapses. The neurotransmitter is a chemical that is responsible and makes the neurons work together to make the connection. Your brain consumes a significant amount of energy are considered perform several functions such as alertness, sustain consciousness, learning new things, and performing mental exercises and activities. In fact, it’s the brain which is comprised of merely 2% of your body weight consumes about 20% of total energy.  

When the flow of neurotransmitters is good, it is able to send the signals more efficiently, and it enhances the functions of better memory, improvised concentration, mood elevation, increased productivity, particularly in the aspect of mental work and also ensures longer attention spans. Usually, the flow of these neurotransmitter gets slows down after a while under normal circumstances, and this duration varies significantly depending from person to person.

However, specialized drugs such as caffeine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Creatine, Vinpocetine and Goenka Biloba etc. can control this up to a great extent. These drugs which are specialized in doing so, are known as the nootropics. Thus, these are the pharmaceutical supplements that can control and improvise the synaptic plasticity of the neurons. This leads to long lasting beneficial effects on brain function and overall health.

There are certainly other similar products that can achieve the same through the principal of vasodilation. It means to increase the overall blood flow to your brain and thereby supplying brain cells with more oxygen, glucose, and nutrients, which happen to be the primary energy sources utilized by the brain to ensure prolong periods of focus. As a result, you feel an instantaneous higher capacity for concentration, memory and other brain functions.

These also demonstrate the properties of neuropreservation and neuroprotection. These directly control the slowing down of the aging process. Also, some similar drug can, in fact, promote the nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, both enhance the neuron growth in the brain. Thus, overall it manages and also compensates the rate of damage with new neuron growth. Over time, it potentially counteracts the memory lose and aging and is highly helpful for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

These are several drugs with these that are available in the market and not everyone of them is worth the money or even worth taking the risk of its possible side effects. Thus, it is important to invest in the right place and choose the right one.

A Nootropic drug is ranked based on several factors, namely, on the overall potential, synergy among ingredients, quality of ingredients, sufficient dosage of ingredients, consumer reviews, clinical evidence of effectiveness and personal experience testing the drugs.

Thus, here are some of the Nootropics drugs that happen to have the best effectiveness.


It is probably the best drug in the market as of now. It enhances your overall brain and cognitive functions. In fact, it is supported by enormous clinical evidence. This drug consists of some of the best quality ingredients like huperzine A, Oat Straw, Alpha GPC, Bacopa and Cat’s Claw. The best feature of the same is the fact that each of the ingredients is tested to be effected individually as well. 


It is yet another excellent drug in the market. Its ingredients include Alpha GPC, Hordenine, Phosphatidylserine, L-tyrosine, and Ginkgo Biloba. When compared in terms of high-quality formula, overall potency and positive review by users, it rightfully scores its position as one of the best drug.

Mind Lab Pro

This particular drug is the safest drug in the market as it has a genuine and gradual impact on brain rather than simply snapping the individual into a sudden transformation. It contains 11 excellent ingredients that are individually clinically tested and has a huge credibility. It is highly preferred and recommended by the users.


As the name suggests, it can help to improvise the cognitive and intellectual abilities. However, it is not going to raise the IQ It increases the overall productivity and memory. The ingredients used in this drug include Huperzine A, Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine and several others. It has a good reputation in the market, and you can go for it.

Addy Focus

It is a substitution drug for the repute prescription drug, Adderall. If given a choice, people would stick to Adderall itself, if it did not require a prescription for it. Despite a few side effects it is exceptionally good for your concentration and focuses as useful for upcoming examination and deadline projects. It has ingredients as Bacopa, Coffee Powder, Ginkgo Biloba, and Piracetam.


Perhaps it is the most well known Nootropic drug in the market. It has gained its reputation due to its immense use and positive user reviews. It has main ingredients like DMAE, Huperzine A, Choline, Vinpocetine and so on. It is the positive effect for the given time period.

Alpha Brain

As the title itself illustrates, this Nootropic drug is a result of well researched and tests.  It is supported by clinical evidence and user reviews. It has ingredients as Oat straw extract, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC, Huperzia Serrata and Vinpocetine. It has a clinically effective formula that improvises focus, alertness, cognitive functions and memory. But since it often employs several blends, it becomes tricky to determine individual dosage.

Brain Pill

It is yet another supplement that has been manufactured with powerful individual ingredients. It improvises the overall focus, reflex, memory and brain function by improving the communication and coordination between the neurons. Its high efficiency is also due to its diversified formula. The ingredients of the drug include Huperzia Serrata, Synpasa, Vinpocetine, Cognizin, and Phosphatidylserine. Each of these ingredients, work individually as well, so as to deliver its enhanced effects. It has high quality, potency, diversity and clinical proof. 


It is yet another substitutable drug, just like Addy Focus, for the trademark drug, Adderall. It mimics the effect of the mentioned prescribed drug and that too without the side effects. It uses the ingredients Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, GABA, and Bacopa Monnieri.over all, despite having a couple of side effects, it is a pretty good substitution nootropic drug.

Smart X

It is another popular Nootropic supplement with high overall potency.  It is clinically proven product and uses effective ingredients like Huperzine A, Schsandrin A, Phosphatidylserine, and Vinpocetine. It also receives highly positive user reviews. 

Cognimaxx XL

It is a rather genuine product in the domain of Nootropic drugs. It uses highly effective ingredients like Bacopin, Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine, and Vinpocetine. Its effectiveness is supported by clinical finding and is also highly recommended for Alzheimer’s disease. It makes extremely genuine and improvised cognitive functions.

Each of these drugs is clinically tested and passed the standards successfully, and that is why they have earned their spot rightfully in the list. One important thing you must take note that a single or occasional dosage provides only short-term benefits afterward. However taking it regularly for a period of time say, weeks or longer can create long lasting enhancement effects on brain functions, sometimes even permanent. Furthermore, to support the same, the manufacturers of almost all of the mentioned drug supplements provide significant discounts for bulk purchase of the same. 

Low toxicity and behavioral changes are considered as some of the adverse effects of the some of the drugs. Being addicted to the drugs and losing self-confidence without it has also been noted among the people who regularly consume the same. To keep it in check, several countries allow only those Nootropics drugs that are considered as safe by the manufacturers. Also, the sales and purchase of the drugs without the same are considered as illegal. However, these said adverse effects are found in both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs.

Each of these supplements is unique in terms of composition and function and can be very distinct from one another. You can either pick up the one match the best as per your need, or you can also go for a combination of several drugs to form what is known as a stack. A stack is formed by pairing substances which enhance and complements the positive effects of each other when consumed simultaneously.

Most of the stacks are readily available as pre-mixed in the market. But you can also make your know drug by getting the raw powders and mix them as per personal need. However, the task of stacking nootropics is a job that demands caution, alertness and extreme knowledge of individual ingredients and dosage. Thus, it must be done only by an extremely good pharmacist or at least under their guidance. Also, beware of the stacks available from unauthentic dealers for cheap prices as saving a few bucks can end up causing much more to you.

In a nutshell, the capable and functional brain is an extremely important factor for healthy living. And going for a Nootropic is an excellent choice particularly for those who rely on their mental abilities for a living or are trying for the same in the future. So, go for the right supplement and utilize its potential to the fullest. After all, a good investment in the right place is just the kick start you need in order to reshape your life.