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Inteligen: Where To Buy It And How Does It Work?

Regardless of whether you are analyzing data or searching for house key- a sharp memory comes convenient everywhere. Yet, with evolving way of life, memory fluctuation is quite common among millennials. Inteligen looks wavering focus- in the short run.

Let’s discover more about Inteligen- its ingredients, functionality and availability.

About Inteligen

Inteligen is a nootropic cerebrum supplement that improves your fluctuating memory, depleting energy as well as mental draining. The au natural way this smart drug functions makes sure that you don’t encounter the common side-effects like blurry vision or racing heart, which is associated with artificial smart drugs. With its organic elements and pocket-friendly price, Inteligen presents to you a strong alternative of over-the-counter brain-enhancement pills.


Though there are many well known synthetic nootropics out there, Inteligen certainly doesn’t fall under that category. Rather, its organic ingredients are the main reasons behind this product’s soaring acceptance rate among customers.

Bacopa Monnieri is the chief component in the formula of Inteligen. Found largely amidst the northern parts of India, this plant has a credible history to elevate cognitive ability. Another point-of-highlight about Bacopa is, it decreases your stress level few notches down within a month, once you start taking Inteligen regularly.

Like we pamper our skins with anti-aging creams and lotions, our maturing brains do need the same care. Acetyl-L Carnitine is the notable element present in Inteligen, which slows down the aging of brain cells. Result? You will feel more mentally alert and invigorated throughout the day.

Ginkgo Biloba is a constant fixture in many prescribed medicines for degenerative ailments, such as- dementia. In Inteligen, Ginkgo is present in a large amount.

There are other components constituting Inteligen like Vinpocetine, Vitamin B6.

Does It Work?

When a memory booster is compiled of so many interesting and safe ingredients, which have verified record of elevating concentration power and improving cerebrum wellbeing, it’s bound to work. Moreover, Inteligen functions in a holistic way and its effect is not limited to specific parts of brain.

As stated in the above point, both Bacopa and Ginkgo extracts triggers off individual functionalities of the brain – from gaining better focus to reducing the intensity of stress as well as depression.

On the other hand, our cerebrum has neurotransmitter that transports signals- from one brain cell to another. These signals give us directions about- what message we need to process and acting accordingly.

With the regular dosage of Inteligen, the otherwise dwindling (because of stress/ depression/mental fatigue) neurotransmitter would be fired-up and resume its duty with full force. The whole process ensures that your mind remains in its healthiest and most active state.

Many a times, our brain cells get damaged because of accident or any other type of trauma. With Vinpocetine in Inteligen, this injury can be healed in a faster way.

Where To Buy It From?

It’s hard to find Inteligen in any of the OTC stores. But fret not, as Amazon stocks up this nootropic supplement throughout the year. You can buy a bottle from Amazon marketplace at $69.99. There are many affiliate marketers out there who offer this product at relatively cheaper price- with lots of discounts and coupon codes.

Keep an eye for the best deal and you may snatch up a bottle of Inteligen containing one month’s supply at $ 49.00 / bottle.

If you want to stock up 2 months’ supply, then from a generous affiliate marketer, you can lay your hands on the bottle with $33.00 / container.

Three months’ supply consists of offering each bottle at $29.00.

You can try buying it from the official website of Inteligen as well, though the site might not be accessible from many parts of the world.

The 30-day money back guarantee scheme is there. Be that as it may, you have to cough up a nominal amount as for refund shipping charge.

Is Inteligen Effective For Everybody?

The high-school students, who are suffering from learning difficulties, can be benefitted from including moderate dosage of Inteligen in everyday diet. Similarly, in case your father or grandma is showing mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia, you should encourage them to take up Inteligen, even if once in a day. Just make sure that they are not on any other complicated medication.

 Keep it in mind that, depending upon your lifestyle and health condition, the result of Inteligen can vary. Many people have misconceptions that once you start consuming nootropics; you will get to see the outcome overnight.

In reality, if you are suffering from severe sleep-disorder or anemia, then you might experience very slow change or none at all, even with twice-a-day dosage of Inteligen. For better outcome, first treat the disease thorough and then go after this nootropic.


One of the best parts of using Inteligen is- there is no caffeine in this smart drug, which will make you jittery.  It’s quite common phenomenon that whenever you are on a caffeine-laden brain supplement- you might feel being on edge throughout the day.

The edginess doesn’t stave off even when you hit the bed at night. Because of its no-caffeine formula, you’ll encounter only stability of nerves and mind, with Inteligen.

In the official website, one can see that Inteligen is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and by using a patented technology. One should expect only top quality service from Inteligen capsules.

Lastly, Inteligen is an environmentally responsible nootropic that flaunts no-GMO certification. The gluten-free tag ensures that, those who have allergy with gluten items, Inteligen should be their first choice.


With mounting work pressure and fast life, mental fatigue is becoming increasingly common these days among professionals, students and stay-at-home parents as well. It’s hard to find a comprehensive supplement that looks after your brain as a whole. Inteligen is unique in this sense. Do give it a shot to improve your productivity.

A Complete Review Of Inteligen : All You Wanted To Know

Since joining the new office, the mounting work pressure started wrecking havoc on my nerves and brain. Result? I was not able to focus on the task-at-hand, started to feel giddy all the time and forgetting even the most mundane of things. Thanks to my colleague-turned-into-close-friend’s recommendation, Inteligen came into my life. And voila, just sticking to this nootropic for 1 month made my memory sharper and productivity-improved.

Want to know more about this super smart drug?  Let’s discuss everything about Inteligen briefly.

What Is Inteligen?

Launched into the beginning of 2016, Inteligen is the brain-health enhancing nootropic that has taken the world-by-storm. With its distinctive combination of nutrients, amino acids and Vitamin B6, this is the perfect non-prescribed, smart medicine that can increase your cognitive ability within a month.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter which carries signals from one brain cell to another. With mental fatigue and aging, acetylcholine decreases its production- thus hitting the shelf soon. What comes to next? The electrical impulses known as signals between brain-cells show a dwindling growth-rate. This whole process makes us forgetting simple things now and then.

With Inteligen, not only the acetylcholine gets the proper maintenance it requires on a regular basis, but also your memory remains charged-up.

Inteligen also promises to lift up IQ. Well, I don’t know how much more intelligent I have become compared to pre- and post- Inteligen episode. But I can say it with authority that, the information retention power of my brain has been shot up impressively. Do you know that since its launch, 14 million capsules of Inteligen have been sold so-far?


The Non-GMO certification of Inteligen speaks volumes about the top quality of organic resources it has taken into account. Let’s know about them one-by-one.

Gingko Biloba:

This is one of the most lauded components behind Inteligen. The journey of Gingko Biloba herb had started in the ancient China- thousands of years ago. This natural resource brings in oxygen to your brain-cell-thus improving the overall brain health.

Likewise, this organic extract triggers blood circulation whenever the brain lags due to- detoxification or lack of proper rest. Additionally, Gingko Biloba also contains anti-oxidants property that can delay brain cancer symptoms in its initial stage.

Bacopa Monnieri:

This is another rock star component that has made Inteligen, such a widely popular memory booster within a year. Found mostly in the exotic land of India, Bacopa Monnieri is known for its capability of boosting up cognitive performance- among healthy adults.

Additionally, Bacopa proved to be handy in treating Alzheimer’s disease partially.


Regardless of whether you have literally hit your head against a wall and getting it damaged or suffering from mental fog due to depression, Vinpocetine is the element that works like a magic – compensating the brain injury.

Like Gingko Biloba, this too circulates blood- thus supplying oxygen and nutrients to the brain and keeping it in its fittest state.

Other than these above three main parts, vitamin B6 and acetyl-l-carnitine are other two components that have gone into the production of Inteligen. So in case you are looking for a nootropic that is herbal and gluten-free at the same time, Inteligen is the drug you should be searching for.

Is It A Scam Or Really Works?

Given the number of positive customer reviews praising the fact that, how this smart drug is changing lives one at a time, the answer should be- Inteligen does work! Just look at the ingredients first. If you take out sometime and do independent research on each of them separately, you’d end up discovering that- they are completely organic in nature. Not only that, most of them are also lauded for time immemorial for their medicinal effects on brain.

 In this age of chemical products that are poisoning our body and mind, it feels refreshing to know- Inteligen only focuses on lifting up your memory and spirit in a non-synthetic way.

The usage of nootropics as a mood-enhancer and memory booster has been there since antiquity. Inteligen is no different- as it fires up the neurotransmitters, which would make you think in an organized way and boosts up your recalling capacity for the longest period of time.

There are many Facebook groups and online forums where the avid users of Inteligen discuss on a regular basis about the advantages of this nootropic and their personal experiences with it. In order to gain more insight, join few of these groups. In this way, you will get to know the real people who have gone through positive life overhaul because of Inteligen.

Likewise, you will find plenty of reputable affiliate marketers with years of experience in online marketing. All of them are endorsing Inteligen since the first half of 2016. When a comparatively new product is backed-up by so many reliable names in the industry, there must be something substantial in this smart drug.

My Personal Experience

My personal experience with Inteligen has been life-altering. I believe these days, young adults like me, are leading extremely unhealthy lifestyle due to packed schedule, leaving no time to exercise or proper sleep. How much harm I was committing to my body was unclear to me. I had realized it for the first time, when my memory started deteriorating. Thanks to Inteligen, currently my life is back on track.

I had heard before that, one needs to use a nootropic for minimum 1 month in order to see the result. Thankfully for me, the brain development started showing in the first week itself. Before that, chronic fatigue and drooping energy were my constant companions. With Inteligen, now I feel totally recharged, energetic and smarter.

Be that as it may, remember one thing.  Taking only these pills and leading a topsy-turvy life won’t work. Bring in healthy changes in terms of- going for a diet overhaul or introducing half-n-hour exercise in your daily routine. Apart from having the everyday dosage of Inteligen, I introduced both nourishing diet and work-out into my schedule (including enough rest), and it paid me back magnificently.

This is scientifically proven that our cognitive power starts declining after 30.  With my recent spate with debilitating focus and subsequently coming out of it with the help of Inteligen, presently I am a firm believer that one must start taking care of mind after 30, just one does with his/her body.


There are multiple pros of using Inteligen. The first is- this nootropic uses gluten-free and natural ingredients that won’t make you fall in serious health risks. The mental fog you are experiencing right now can be healed by Inteligen in a non-harming process.

Personally speaking, I started developing depression as well, during the dark mentally fatigued phase of my life. But with Inteligen, I have overcome depression to the T and you can do it too. Apart from recharging the neurotransmitters, Inteligen treats melancholia as well.

There is a co-relation between our energy level and mental health. Whenever you are mentally down, you might experience that it becomes a monumental task- just rolling out of bed and pouring water into a glass. With Inteligen, your energy level would reach its peak for sure. Moreover, it would assist you to regain the spring in your feet.

Mental fatigue and depression can lead to diseases such as- anemia or skin related ones. The B6 present in Inteligen would ensure that- you remain away from these hazards, once you start taking up the smart drug daily.

Lastly, the cost of Inteligen might be slightly on the higher-end of the spectrum, but still its’ much cheaper in comparison to visiting the psychiatrist or going for prescribed medicines. So with half-of-the-price, you’d experience at end-to-end healing procedure right inside your comfort zone.


The biggest con of using Inteligen would be- there is no ingredient list displayed clearly -both on the product label and on the official website as well. In the event you want to know more about the components that have gone into the making of this powerful nootropic, visit some of the popular affiliate marketers of this smart medicine. They must be putting up the components’ rundown in their respective sites.

Another con might be- the lack of promotion regarding Inteligen in promotional space. Inteligen is quite overlooked by the popular media outlets, which write or discuss about health supplements. In case you are one gullible buyer, who, without doing any individual research, swears by anything the popular health magazines or channels dictate, then you might feel disappointed with Inteligen.


No side-effects of Inteligen as a wholesome product have been documented so far. The reviews are also positive in majority. However, if you single out the ingredients, then you might discover that each of them may generate some mild form of side-effects.

Take for an instance, Bacopa Monnieri. This herb can cause stomach upset, once you start taking a nootropic which has this component in it. You might find slight form of nausea as well, because of Bacopa. In the similar fashion, Vinpocetine is notorious for causing loose motion. This feature also induces dry mouth and dizziness.

Lastly, Gingko Biloba can cause heart palpitation as well. Do remember that there is no one-size-fits-all for nootropics. Yes, this applies for Inteligen as well. If you are post 40 and on different medications for other healthy ailments apart from mental fatigue, then Inteligen may trigger some of the above mentioned symptoms.

Don’t fret. If you develop any these syndromes, stop using the nootropic right away and consult to your physician- without causing any delay.

When You Shouldn’t Use It?

There are few instances where you must ponder over before using Inteligen. The most critical among them would be- during your pregnancy. When you are expecting, do not consume Inteligen without your doctor’s permission.

As I have stated above, Inteligen is beneficial for curing mental slump to a large extent. Now, many lactating mothers suffer from post-partum depression. If you are one among them, there is no need to take Inteligen as the remedy for your post-partum blue, without consulting to the doctor.

On the other hand, when you are on a medication to cure thinning blood, it’s advisable that you must stay away from Inteligen.

Lastly, severe sleep disorder is the curse of 21st century. This alone can lead to dropping energy as well as mental blockage. It might feel totally relevant to use Inteligen to get rid of this situation, but remember- Vinpocetine has a side-effect that may deepen your insomnia further. In this case, take up Inteligen only when you have recovered from this sleep disorder.

Why It’s So Popular?

Because solving Sudoku alone won’t help you retain your memory. With Inteligen, one can sharpen his/her focus manifold- within the span of only one month. Is there another nootropic that does it so fast? I highly doubt.

In this age of chemical pills all around, the au natural ingredients of Inteligen will ensure that, your brain doesn’t lead to further detoxification as well.

Inteligen can be used by various age-groups, given the dosage is correct. Do you know that even the young students with learning difficulties, can be benefitted from Inteligen?

Whether you are 31 or 51, it doesn’t matter. You can use this nootropic to come out of the mental stagnation, which is hampering your productivity.

The easy availability of Inteligen in the online space is another reason for its popularity. In this way, you can be anywhere in world and place an order for it.

If you are a vegan, then it’s hard to come by a vegan-friendly nootropic. In Inteligen, you would definitely find the safe smart drug that would gel with your lifestyle choices. With the number of vegans increasing day by day, this is not a surprising fact that Inteligen is enjoying a distinctive status right now.

What Scientists Are Saying?

As of now, no scientific study has been undertaken targeting Inteligen- solely. But separate research studies have been done on the ingredients that are present in this nootropic. The benefits of the main ingredients have been pointed out in this review as well.

 However, when you hit the official site of Inteligen, you’ll find some scientific sources are there in the footer section. They are provided by the manufacturer. When you click through the source links- they will lead you to pages about memory boosters, plants that help in retaining focus and the herbal origin from where- Inteligen comes from.

In 2000, the journal Psychopharmacology had published it with evidence that- Gingko Biloba has an astounding effect in lifting up concentration power. As Gingko is there in Inteligen, it verifies that Inteligen has scientific evidences going for it.


For optimal performance, you should take 2 capsules per day. Well, that what I did and it reinvigorated my brain functionality tremendously. There is no set-pattern of taking Inteligen. Some users go for it as the first thing in the morning in an empty stomach, and the last one before hitting the bed at night.

I had carved out a unique way for myself. I started bringing along the bottle with me in the office. Every time, I used to feel that my fatigue is shooting up due to burden of work, popping down a pill with plenty of water worked. Again, don’t take more than 2 pills on a single day.


Now let’s find out some of the frequently asked questions regarding Inteligen which are not easy to locate in the affiliate sites.

Is Inteligen FDA approved?

Ans: Neither the official site or nor the affiliate marketers claim that Inteligen is FDA approved. However, the non-GMO certification for Inteligen is available online.

Does Inteligen cure dementia?

Ans: Yes, dementia can kick off followed by symptoms such as- lose of focus, failing attention span and forgetting information in quick successions. Inteligen does have properties to treat dementia in its initial stage.

Does the product only aim for particular areas of brain?

Ans: I have mentioned neurotransmitters many times in this review. From there, one may tend to assume that Inteligen only targets to specific brain areas. Be that as it may, this is not true. This nootropic happens to impact the whole brain during its healing stages.

Cost & Manufacturer

There are three pricing plans for Inteligen. Among them, you have to choose the one that is most suitable for your fitness goal and budget.

In case you are looking for the smallest of the packages, then do opt for 1 bottle for $49 plan. Each bottle contains 60 pills.

It is certainly possible that you might want to save money-yet-laying your hands upon the larger stock of the nootropic. For such buyers, there is a plan consisting of 3 bottles- costing $33 per bottle. So the net amount would come at $99. Isn’t it a cost-effective offer?

In the event you want to opt for lager plan-thus ensuring a stock for 5 months, buy 5 bottles as a wholesome package. Here, each bottle is priced at $29.60.

There is a money-back plan for Inteligen, in the event you don’t find the pills effective. Then you can request for a refund. But remember, you have to cough up $5.00 for refund shipping charge.

In similar fashion, if you order the cheapest of the packages, then you have to pay $9.00 extra for the shipping cost. The other two schemes don’t have this rule.

As Inteligen is a relatively newer nootropic, not much has been found out about the producer of this smart drug. When you will visit the official site, you would see that in the place of manufacturer, it is mentioned “Inteligen Brain Supplements”.  Another mention-worthy point is- this product has been manufactured by using patented technology.

Where To Buy It From?

Unfortunately, Inteligen is not available in the physical stores till this moment. So online market space is the only option from where- you can source your Inteligen. But don’t worry as there are plenty of affiliate marketers in the ecommerce space who are selling Inteligen at exciting offers.

Most of them present tempting discounts and coupon codes. From there, you can purchase the nootropic at a slashed price, than the regular market rate.

You can also buy it from the official site itself but do take note the website sometimes undergoes spells of maintenance. During those periods, it might be inaccessible to you. Unfortunately, this is one factor that needs proper attention from the manufacturers on an urgent basis.

However, one USP of buying Inteligen from the official site is- you don’t need to face the phony free trial period, which comes with majority of shady supplements out there. In order to experience its benefits, you have to buy the product in the very first place.

Aren’t we all wary of free trial promises offered by fishy supplements? Well, this straightforward approach of Inteligen- maker must be applauded by the no-nonsense buyers.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of customer reviews in the online forums where you’ll find that users have been gushing about Inteligen. Some showed awe about- how tenderly this smart drug had treated their depression without causing any side-effects. Others lauded the fact that, after using Inteligen, their attention span expanded along with the energy level.

However, there is a tiny group of users who grumbled about Inteligen’s lackadaisical customer service. Apparently, the customer support team got back to their complaints after more than 2 days.

Some of the affiliate marketers have posted over-exaggerated praises regarding the products in their sites. For the intelligent customers, it would be easy to spot. Whenever, you come across such impossible promises of Inteligen-made by affiliate sellers, do take them with a pinch of salt.

Final Verdict

Reading through the Inteligen review is not enough. To know whether or not it works in real life, try it out even if for one month. A sharp memory is a necessity- whether to retain your job or living a normal life. Inteligen can assist you in this journey, so do give it a try.

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