Regardless of whether you are analyzing data or searching for house key- a sharp memory comes convenient everywhere. Yet, with evolving way of life, memory fluctuation is quite common among millennials. Inteligen looks wavering focus- in the short run.

Let’s discover more about Inteligen- its ingredients, functionality and availability.

About Inteligen

Inteligen is a nootropic cerebrum supplement that improves your fluctuating memory, depleting energy as well as mental draining. The au natural way this smart drug functions makes sure that you don’t encounter the common side-effects like blurry vision or racing heart, which is associated with artificial smart drugs. With its organic elements and pocket-friendly price, Inteligen presents to you a strong alternative of over-the-counter brain-enhancement pills.


Though there are many well known synthetic nootropics out there, Inteligen certainly doesn’t fall under that category. Rather, its organic ingredients are the main reasons behind this product’s soaring acceptance rate among customers.

Bacopa Monnieri is the chief component in the formula of Inteligen. Found largely amidst the northern parts of India, this plant has a credible history to elevate cognitive ability. Another point-of-highlight about Bacopa is, it decreases your stress level few notches down within a month, once you start taking Inteligen regularly.

Like we pamper our skins with anti-aging creams and lotions, our maturing brains do need the same care. Acetyl-L Carnitine is the notable element present in Inteligen, which slows down the aging of brain cells. Result? You will feel more mentally alert and invigorated throughout the day.

Ginkgo Biloba is a constant fixture in many prescribed medicines for degenerative ailments, such as- dementia. In Inteligen, Ginkgo is present in a large amount.

There are other components constituting Inteligen like Vinpocetine, Vitamin B6.

Does It Work?

When a memory booster is compiled of so many interesting and safe ingredients, which have verified record of elevating concentration power and improving cerebrum wellbeing, it’s bound to work. Moreover, Inteligen functions in a holistic way and its effect is not limited to specific parts of brain.

As stated in the above point, both Bacopa and Ginkgo extracts triggers off individual functionalities of the brain – from gaining better focus to reducing the intensity of stress as well as depression.

On the other hand, our cerebrum has neurotransmitter that transports signals- from one brain cell to another. These signals give us directions about- what message we need to process and acting accordingly.

With the regular dosage of Inteligen, the otherwise dwindling (because of stress/ depression/mental fatigue) neurotransmitter would be fired-up and resume its duty with full force. The whole process ensures that your mind remains in its healthiest and most active state.

Many a times, our brain cells get damaged because of accident or any other type of trauma. With Vinpocetine in Inteligen, this injury can be healed in a faster way.

Where To Buy It From?

It’s hard to find Inteligen in any of the OTC stores. But fret not, as Amazon stocks up this nootropic supplement throughout the year. You can buy a bottle from Amazon marketplace at $69.99. There are many affiliate marketers out there who offer this product at relatively cheaper price- with lots of discounts and coupon codes.

Keep an eye for the best deal and you may snatch up a bottle of Inteligen containing one month’s supply at $ 49.00 / bottle.

If you want to stock up 2 months’ supply, then from a generous affiliate marketer, you can lay your hands on the bottle with $33.00 / container.

Three months’ supply consists of offering each bottle at $29.00.

You can try buying it from the official website of Inteligen as well, though the site might not be accessible from many parts of the world.

The 30-day money back guarantee scheme is there. Be that as it may, you have to cough up a nominal amount as for refund shipping charge.

Is Inteligen Effective For Everybody?

The high-school students, who are suffering from learning difficulties, can be benefitted from including moderate dosage of Inteligen in everyday diet. Similarly, in case your father or grandma is showing mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia, you should encourage them to take up Inteligen, even if once in a day. Just make sure that they are not on any other complicated medication.

 Keep it in mind that, depending upon your lifestyle and health condition, the result of Inteligen can vary. Many people have misconceptions that once you start consuming nootropics; you will get to see the outcome overnight.

In reality, if you are suffering from severe sleep-disorder or anemia, then you might experience very slow change or none at all, even with twice-a-day dosage of Inteligen. For better outcome, first treat the disease thorough and then go after this nootropic.


One of the best parts of using Inteligen is- there is no caffeine in this smart drug, which will make you jittery.  It’s quite common phenomenon that whenever you are on a caffeine-laden brain supplement- you might feel being on edge throughout the day.

The edginess doesn’t stave off even when you hit the bed at night. Because of its no-caffeine formula, you’ll encounter only stability of nerves and mind, with Inteligen.

In the official website, one can see that Inteligen is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and by using a patented technology. One should expect only top quality service from Inteligen capsules.

Lastly, Inteligen is an environmentally responsible nootropic that flaunts no-GMO certification. The gluten-free tag ensures that, those who have allergy with gluten items, Inteligen should be their first choice.


With mounting work pressure and fast life, mental fatigue is becoming increasingly common these days among professionals, students and stay-at-home parents as well. It’s hard to find a comprehensive supplement that looks after your brain as a whole. Inteligen is unique in this sense. Do give it a shot to improve your productivity.