Nootropics can make you concentrate better, increase productivity and treat your depression. For that, you have to buy the right product from an authentic channel. There are many top sellers in the ecommerce space for smart drugs. How to navigate through them to buy the smart drug ideal for you? Let’s find out-

Know Where To Start From

Before you head towards purchasing nootropic stack online, first take into account your requirement, fitness goal, budget and type of the nootropics that will suit you. It’s easy to fall prey to hardcore and super expensive ones, because they look glamorous on advertisements.

However, it’s better to begin using herbal or natural supplements in case you don’t want to feel jittery with racing heart and hallucinations. Roasted coffee beans, Yerba Mate Tea are some of the ideal smart drugs for the rookies. Also fish oil as well as protein based nootropics can be safer options for health.

Learn About Best Providers

Sadly, relatively few OTC drugstores sell nootropics, regardless of the possibility that most of these drugs are legitimate. In online, you’d find plenty of players who stock up choicest nootropics stacks and take after a transparent payment getaway system. Amazon should come up as one of the most popular buying destinations for smart drug users. It has a separate section for nootropic stacks as well.

The variety and quick delivery that you can expect from Amazon is hard to get anywhere else. Onnit is another flagship name in the ecommerce scenario for smart drugs. In case you are not satisfied about the utility of a smart drug until you see research and case studies on it, then Onnit is the website for you.

Go through online reviews

Going through the online reviews is mandatory step, when you prefer not get duped off your hard-earned money. Do one thing. Just Google a nootropics company’s name and look for its reputation in the digital space. Join Facebook forums for nootropic users where you’d definitely be guided about sourcing the smart drug from the best seller. Reddit, too, has some interesting threads regarding nootropic usage as well as buying tips.

Do offline research by asking around your friends, colleagues or other acquaintances, who are using nootropics for a long time. Lastly, beware about fake affiliate marketers.  Before getting overwhelmed by their luring discounts, do your homework first.

Are There Contact Details?

When you are buying an official nootropic from a site, check out for physical address, phone number, chat support and toll-free line. This is where you can separate an authentic seller from the fake one. There are multiple affiliate marketers who are selling smart drugs without taking any responsibility or giving out contact details. Then why buyers flock to them? Well, the answer lies with discounts and coupon codes.

 That’s why it is compulsory to look out for contact details first.  Even if a company is real, but the support stuff is super rude or delay (more than 3 days) to reply your queries, then move on to the next online seller.

COA Certificate Is Important

COA or Certificate of Analysis is one of the key measuring points for an online store- offering only nootropics. The internet is full of scams where sub-standard products are sold like hotcakes only, because they are cheaper in price. What you’ll get in return might give you headache, blurry vision or other more harmful disease.

To be on the safe side, look for ways which validates the store’s claim -being the seller of number 1 nootropics in the market.

Any digital marketer who shows certification of excellence, categorizes its nootropics, displays ratings and gives out clear and informative descriptions about each of the products- must be the one to go after.

Aim For Powder Dosage

Powder or capsule? This is the lingering thought for most of the nootropic buyers, who are doing it for the first time. Well, if you are looking out for powerful solution that will go easy with wallet, then go for powder form- of your chosen nootropic. Why? Because when a manufacturer sells smart drug as a capsule, it takes him/her to put filler into the pill, cut supplements among other steps.

All of these would definitely incur a hike in price for the end user. With powder, you’d get a considerable amount of nootropic dust that is full of potency- definitely more than any capsule holds.

Understand The Shipping Details

While buying nootropics, remember to take into account the shipping cost as well. We should go one step further and tag the shipment price- as the key factor behind the inflated costs of nootropics. Are you situated in USA? Then rest assured, as most of the top nootropics sellers are in the States and they deliver the product free of cost within the country.

That’s not the case if you are somewhere in Europe or Asia. Zero down on 5-6 sellers and compare the shipment charges for a detailed cost-benefit analysis.  This tip is important for those, who are looking for a pocket-friendly nootropic buying experience.

Keep It Simple

Keeping everything simple is crucial while buying a nootropic. You might fantasize about complex, synthetic stuff but when you are buying the smart drug for the first time, stick for the natural products only. Instead of purchasing 5 different and costly smart drugs from different stacks and then mixing them on your own, first order only one product.

 Try it out and once you have gained enough experience regarding the best nootropics, their qualities and side-effects, go for the complex mixing process. Regardless of whether you are a vegan or not, it would be safer to stick to vegan nootropics for the first few months. Opt for tea, coffee and other natural resources.

Each day, more and more vendors are joining the digital market place to sell nootropics. Sometimes, you might feel claustrophobic with so many options out there. But by following a step-by-step guide, you can definitely choose the drug that will not only turn you smarter but also gives you lifestyle overhaul.